Lengkuas Grafik Sdn Bhd was formed in 1987 through the hard earned efforts of two brothers helming from a small town, off Seremban called Rantau. The forefathers had nothing in mind except the taught of never giving up and the only intention of being the best in the industry. Much has changed since the earlier days but one thing materialized the dream of the forefathers, with an increasing customer base of over 50 countries, Lengkuas Grafik's labels are displayed on most major continental brands across the globe.

Most of Lengkuas Grafik's strength is displayed through its 100 over odd technically skilled professionals with immense departmentalization and functional segmentation. The organisation has weathered countless recessions by staying afloat and always coming up on top with strong values of Kaizen, adapted across the board room till the point of delivery.

In short, we at Lengkuas Grafik believe, of all the resources that are necessary to run a corporation, the human factor is the most important one. It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of the company is determined by the people who staff it.

Our Mission Statement

To continue to exceed our customers increasing expectations

Our Execution Statement

In line with our mission statement, we unite an expertise of passion and discipline to provide value added products from design concept to deliver

Our Success Statement

With our stern commitment to implement the best of breed product solution coupled with our structured proven processes, we'll continue to provide our customers with successful revenue generating product solutions.